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Day 1: Germany - Verona

>> 2012/09/15

I'm sorry that I had to abandon this blog for more than two weeks. Saying "had to" is not a mere excuse. Dormitory internet is by far not the best and most stable connection that you can get (and also not very easy to get access to in the first place). Besides, my daily schedule is quite full with lectures, excursions and exploration tours through the town and, sure, also partys from time to time.

 So we started early in the morning from Germany through Austrian Alps and arrived in Verona around 3 p.m. I have a crush on this city! It has everything: a beautiful landscape, amazing architecture everywhere, a decent shopping district and concerts (both opera and popular music) all around the year.

So if you're ever in the north of Italy - don't miss Verona out and also bring something with you to stick onto the wall of Juliet's house, or a lock to hang on the gates.I din't have anything with me, so I tied one of my bracelets to the gate :)

(more under fake cut...)

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