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This is a place where dreams are born...

>> 2012/07/29

Everything should be arranged now, except some formal deitails and so I decided to show you the place where I'll be blogging from in about a month - Siena. I was immediately taken away by the charm of this small Italian town and I knew I had to go back there and I think I know why I like it so much. Each town has it's personality, just like people and I seem to get along with Siena's personality very well :)

These pictures are all taken with my Olympus cam that will accompany me in Italy. The EOS will stay with my dad. I'm not a photographer, really. I just take pictures of moments that I like and I hope you like them, too.

Oh and btw, will you help me packing? :)

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ONLY Rose Blazer

>> 2012/07/27

I'm very sorry not to have updated, but I was spending all my daytime at work this week and in the evening I always had to do some organizational stuff for my approaching semester abroad, it's going quite well so far! Now only one more week to hold on, then my internship ends! (I'm going to celebrate that!!!)
For the look I sported last weekend I chose my magenta jeans I bought at the s.Oliver outlet in January and also my beloved Only blazer! The Rose Men's Blazer was love at first sight and after I got this blue piece I also had to get myself the yellow one! One can never have enough color variations of an awesome piece of clothing, right? In the background of one picture you can also see the beautiful gothic cathedral of our city.

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Sunday afternoon

>> 2012/07/18

I actually did it! I posted my first outfit on lookbook! It's quite simple, just as the occasion - I took a weekend walk with my family. The weather is being weird lately, more like fall than summer and that day (Sunday) was especially windy. I'm totally in love with that colorblock clutch bag!



>> 2012/07/17

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I now joined Bloglovin and it would be awesome if you followed me there! If you don't know it yet, it's a very neat thingie, you have all the blogs you follow in one single place.

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OPI - Play the Peonies

I have a rule of thumb - the shorter the nails the lighter the nailpolish. I just can't seem to like brightly colored short nails and light colors seem to make the nails longer. Play the Peonies is from OPI's 2011 Nice Stems! collection and it's a pearly pink-ish off-white.

diffused sunlight, without flash. still experimenting with the aperture on the DSLR ;)


Wherever you go, go with all your heart

I guess it's time. It's time to start this blog officially. I created this account on my friend's birthday, so I declare that day as Anything But Sugarfree's birthday - 7th July or 7/7 if you like.

I always had the urge to blog and so I started with a typical beauty blog about a year ago, but that really didn't work out. I like makeup, but I don't want to be limited by that. There is so much more to blog about. I cannot tell what this will result into, let's just see how it goes!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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