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Neon Shorts

>> 2012/08/12

Long time since I last posted a look of my own. Unfortunately that doesn't depend on me solely, I also need someone to take the pictures. But today I finally got to wear out my new neon shorts and new glitter sandals (they came in one package). And this necklace featuring silhouettes of Russian dolls perfectly fit into there!
Also I in summer rush I raided some accessory racks and found two sets of multiple thin bracelets made of differently sized and shaped wooden beads, one green/brown and the other one purple/pink/brown, at the Bijou Brigitte store. Their accessories are good quality and affordable.

But now it's really time to pack. So hard to think of winter time, when you can still wear shorts and sandals outside...

(click the fake cut to see more...)

I had so much fun shooting the McWhatever pictures (it's just a block away from our home, but I almost never eat there.), I just felt like I had to post at least one of those pics.

top - Zero
shorts - ICHI via
sandals - Zign via
wooden bead bracelets - Bijou Brigitte
wrap bracelet, shades - Madonna
silver capricorn - birthday gift
lips - NYX BLL in Dusty Rose

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