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OPI - I Eat Mainely Lobster

>> 2012/08/05

Coral has been one of my favorite colors this season, but this is actually the second time I wear this polish since I got it in January.
I Eat Mainely Lobster is from last year's fall collection - Touring America - and it's a deep, beautiful coral with tiny gold particles. At least in the bottle. Do you see any on my nails? Although in bright sunlight it shimmers subtly.

You have to imagine the color a bit darker and more saturated than it looks on the pics. I tried to edit the photos to be closer to the original, but that's still not enough.

When my package with it arrived I was a bit disappointed seeing that this polish is very very similar to essie's Cute As A Button. I will compare the two for you.

bright evening sunlight
The application went quite smoothly, although I had bad luck with applying nailpolish lately. Something always went wrong and you cant imagine how often I had to remove everything in the past two days.
I wear three coats although with neater application you can get away with two.

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