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OPI - Did It On 'Em

>> 2012/08/23

Today I have this "barf yellow" polish for you, from OPI's Nicki Minaj themed mini collection. I was actually going for "Gargantuan Green Grape", but it was sold out. My second option was this kind of yellow-ish green and I hoped the store I ordered my OPIs at had "Who the Shrek Are You?"... And guess what? They didn't, at all. And so I came to order that quite unusual color - it's awesome!

Formula - perfect. I needed only two coats because the streakiness melted away within seconds. Unfortunately I couldn't test out its durability, as I ruined it on the same day with some mint green glitter topcoat...

Here it's next to Ghina Glaze "Happy Go Lucky", where you can see the diference between "Did It On 'Em" and a true yellow (because that China Glaze is as yellow as yellow can be).

I think about making it greener with a drop of turquoise green. What do you think? Would you wear that color?

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