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OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster vs. essie Cute As A Button

>> 2012/08/06

OPI - essie - OPI - essie

Just as I promised - a comparison of OPI I Eat Manely Lobster that I presented yesterday and essie Cute As A Button. The two look very similar in the bottle (see below), but the difference was obvious right after I applied the first coat.

First of all the OPI needed two coats, whereas essie needed three. Also the color of the OPI polish is slightly more saturated and a bit darker. It also goes more into red, while the essie polish has a touch of pink.
The glitter (which is only visible in bright llight) is also a difference, but a rather unimportant one compared to the two.

I wore them separately and the durability is just about the same with a slight disadvantage on essie's side EDIT: I Eat Mainely Lobster started to show tipwear today (after 1 day!) and I remember again, it was the worst of my OPIs regarding durability.

Which one would you prefer?

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