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When you read this, I'll be gone...

>> 2012/08/30

I have been packing those suitcases (my laptop bag is still missing there) and by the time this post goes online I'll probably be crossing the German-Austrian border on my way through the north of Italy towards Siena. First stop will be Verona, on Friday a beach day was planned, but as it was ruined by the upcoming rainy weather (it will rain only on those last days with my family!), we'll have to find something else to do before we arrive in Siena on Friday evening.

I don't know whether the hotels have free internet access (they should, but they're small, so who knows), in the worst case I'll be back online on Sunday. Also I don't know how fast I can find someone who'll take pictures for the blog. Maybe I'm lucky and my roommate is a hobby photographer :)

Anyways, I have an interesting project planned and I'm curious myself how it will turn out, so stay tuned and see you soon!

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